-Resonance of Paradise-


AUG 31, 2018 - NOV 15, 2018


Glimpses of a vibrant utopia between reality and dreams

Active both in Japan and abroad, Tokyo-based twin artist duo HAMADARAKA holds their first-ever major solo exhibition that showcases a visual feast of mystical fauna and flora

DIESEL ART GALLERY is pleased to present “EDENDORDORADO: Resonance of Paradise,” the first-ever major exhibition in Japan showcasing the works of twin artist duo HAMADARAKA, from Friday, August 31 through Thursday, November 15, 2018.

HAMADARAKA creates work inspired by their senses, sampling elements from their everyday surroundings, such as dreams, the temperature, the humidity, enduring images in their minds and the resonance of words.

434Hz, the theme for their body of work, is a frequency, between the two significant frequencies 432Hz and 440Hz, that the duo resonated with in particular. The exhibition features an as-yet unseen new installation, comprised of some 30 paintings and a floating sculpture, depicting a paradise inhabited by fauna and flora that have been awakened by the vibrations of the 434Hz frequency.

Conjured through the duo’s impeccable teamwork, the paradise is home to a plethora of strange and mystical creatures and vegetation: A dense and massive stand of plants appears like a hologram in the darkness, with the effects of light and water. A translucent-bodied creature races across in undulating curves. Another creature emits flashes of rainbow light like the Brocken specter, stimulated by sounds by turns explosive and still. Their intermingling seems at times joyous, at others frightening. What appears before us, at first, seems like a distant world of the imagination, yet each creature with their charming faces and dynamic poses somehow instills a sense of familiarity and affinity in the viewer. This paradise – where night and day, the inner and outer worlds, this world and the afterlife, dreams and reality collide – emerges from the tremors of its inhabitants, and through its many facets, questions who we really are and where we stand in this world.


At midnight, the throat of every living thing drew tight,
Snakes that licked dreams then came and grazed their rainbow-colored eardrums with their cheeks
A banana, its thudding heart melting into liquid gold
Footsteps of lightening that just entered the world
A teal-skied afternoon buzzing with the hazy-yet-transparent sounds of bumblebees
The scent of pineapples dancing atop scorching waters that burn to look at
In the darkness, plants emit flickers of light like ringing in the ears
Nearby, a creature with its coat of rainbow spirals boomed
Its blood smiled at a flashing light resonating at the frequency of 434Hz
To our floating paradise

The theme for this body of work is “a paradise inhabited by fauna and flora awakened by sounds based on the 434 Hz frequency.” 434Hz is in between 432Hz, which is said to be in sync with our heartbeat, and 440Hz, the general tuning standard of which music based on its scale is said to induce feelings of excitement as well as aggression.
By shedding just a sliver of light, this paradise resounds like a piece of music (like awakening one’s dormant senses). Every sound, color and light is a living, breathing being, and the sounds they utter are the sounds of paradise ringing in our ears. We hope that they awaken something latent and subtle in everyone.
HAMADARAKA (Eru and Emu Arizono)

There will be exclusive products featuring HAMADARAKA’s work available, including earrings, rings, and a range of fragrances.




    The painter duo consisting of the twins, Eru Arizono and Emu Arizono.
    They have created artworks and designs for magazines, fashion brands, movies, and wall paintings etc. At the same time, they have vigorously worked on creating many artworks including drawings, paintings, dolls, and art objects.
    They have actively participated in exhibitions and artist-in-residence programs within and outside of Japan. In recent years, they have shown their works in New York City (the U.S.), Rotterdam (the Netherlands), The Hague (the Netherlands), Taipei (Taiwan), Berlin (Germany), Düsseldorf (Germany), Mons (Belgium), Brussel (Belgium), Paris (France), Marseille (France), Sète (France), Nantes (France), Brasilia (Brazil), and Oaxaca (Mexico). In 2016, they participated in the group exhibition and artist-in-residence program in the National Museum in Brasilia, Brazil.
    They have published their artbook“YAUYAUPARAISO” (ERECT lab., 2013).


Baldordorado © HAMADARAKA

Platanical bone © HAMADARAKA


The south albasus © HAMADARAKA

Floating in the Lani © HAMADARAKA




Oriental Ripple © HAMADARAKA


EDENDORDORADO -Resonance of Paradise-
Aug 31, 2018 - Nov 15, 2018
cocoti B1F, 1-23-16, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
11:30 - 21:00
Non-Regular Holiday
Yu Murooka (Higraph Tokyo)
Miller Genuine Draft
Yu Murooka (Higraph Tokyo)
After working as a staff at several contemporary art galleries, Yu is currently involved in planning, PR, and project management for exhibitions, galleries, and artists. She is a member of Higraph inc. and INS Studio inc.

An artist talk will be held with HAMADARAKA and guests, artists, Keiji Ito and Kosuke Kawamura, who are close friends of the duo.

Date: Oct 27, 2018 18:00 - 19:00
Guests: Keiji Ito, Kosuke Kawamura
Admission: Free
Supported: Miller Genuine Draft


photo by Sachie Abiko

photo by Sachie Abiko

photo by Sachie Abiko

photo by Sachie Abiko

photo by Sachie Abiko

photo by Sachie Abiko

photo by Sachie Abiko

photo by Sachie Abiko

photo by Sachie Abiko

photo by Sachie Abiko


Special Interview

-- Could you briefly introduce yourselves?
We are Eru and Emu Arizono, working with the artist duo name HAMADARAKA.

-- Where does the artist duo name HAMADARAKA come from?
In Japanese, “HAMADARAKA” means Anopheles, which is a general term for the mosquitos transmitting malaria, but we named ourselves HAMADARAKA with the wish to transmit “something that is extremely beautiful” to people.

-- How did the idea for “EDENDORDORADO” come to you?
We were discussing what resonates with us the most right now. We began going back to the bottom of the theme that we have been working in the past years, which is “the paradise between this world and utopia created by the interfusion of imaginary creatures and time.” In that process, we realized that “lights” and “sounds” exist in this paradise in the same way as flora and fauna reside in that realm. Wondering how to render these lights, sounds, and creatures in our works led us to explore the idea of frequency. “The paradise transmitted to people through vibrating” became EDENDORDORADO!

-- Can you talk about the highlights of this exhibition?
For the first time, we painted the series of large canvas artworks. Please see them from afar and up close to see the different expressions of the worlds that we render in our artworks transformed with each new angle and light. I hope you can gradually feel the sounds of paradise resonated by the existence of the creatures that we see in our minds!

-- How did you develop your unique style of painting, creating such depth with many different layers?
Using many layers is our way of giving life to our imaginary creatures in our works to render the world we imagine.
We love trying out new art media, and discovering new materials is what makes us happy.

--How do two of you create one artwork together? Is there any role that each of you play? Also, are the artworks that you paint together different from the works you paint alone?
Lately, we begin collaborating from our sketches. For a larger piece, we paint the same work simultaneously or take turns painting. Generally, we work on the same process, but sometimes each of us engages in a different process, such as Eru in creating a gradation of colors and Emu in outlining, etc. When we paint on our own, perhaps Emu portrays a more dreamy and delicate world, and Eru captures more intense world fused with the fantasy and reality.

-- Why do you often paint animals and plants in your works?
The fact we often played in the mountains and by the rivers from our childhood might be one of the reasons. Mainly it is because the unseen plants and animals that we encountered in different countries have had profound impacts on us.
Especially, Rafflesia and luminescent fungi in the jungle of Borneo, the corpse of an animal in the deep forest of Germany, and giant tropical plants and birds with dreamy colors in Brazil have been the great source of inspirations for us.

-- Did you naturally start working together as a twin artist duo?
We have been inseparable all through our lives. It is almost impossible to think about engaging in separate projects, so it happened very naturally.

--What kind of plays did you enjoy when you were little? Have they influenced how you create your artworks now?
We loved playing on the small hill (the tiny bump on the ground that looked like a mountain and valley) in our yard by building a waterway to flash water and milk. We set up a tent to sleep at night there. In the house, we drew pictures, built small houses, etc.
I think now we are refocusing on these things that we subconsciously engaged in our plays when we were little.

-- Could you tell us your source of inspiration?
The overseas expeditions, and new sensations, plants, creatures, music, and people that we encounter and experience in our daily lives are the sources of inspiration for us.

-- Could you tell us about the artists, music, and movies that have inspired you?
So many people and works have inspired us, but REIKO KRUK is the one artist who comes to our mind right now.
It is also difficult to choose music and films…but “Never Ending Story” and “When the Wind Blows” that we loved when we were little, and “Kin-dza-dza!”, “Street of Crocodiles,” “Freak Orlando,” “HARDCORE,” “Jubilee,” and “Walkabout” that we watched in our teens and twenties have had great influences on us.
As for the music, our artworks are influenced by the ethnic and distorted sounds, sounds mixed with the indigenous music of South America and electronic sounds, and sounds of a simple and classical piano.

-- You have frequently exhibited and participated in artist-in-residence programs in overseas. Which is the most memorable country where you have visited?
Brasilia, Brazil is the most striking place where we have visited.
Partly it is because it took us four days to arrive due to complications... Seeing the colony of tropical plants and massive complex of decaying modern architectures coexisting next to each other was an intense experience!

-- What do you do on your day off?
We don’t know if we have days that are ‘off,’ but since we usually work indoor, we try to travel a little far to see some plants that we normally can’t see when we have a chance. Emu likes sketching to organize her mind. We also love drinking and talking with our friends!

-- Could you tell us about the things you would like to do in the future, and the upcoming projects?
Painting our imaginary plants and creatures, and exhibiting in a botanical garden with a glasshouse has been our dream.
We are also very interested in working with massive 3D objects!
In September and October, we are going to participate in the artist-in-residence program to work on a mural painting at the international art center located in the South of Beijing.
We are excited since it will be our first time to paint on the 13m long wall!

-- Please send your message to the audience who are going to see the exhibition.
Thank you so much for coming to our exhibition!
Please take your time to look at our works from different angles, we hope you can feel a vibration transmitting from our paintings.