MAY 30, 2014 – AUG 15, 2014


Published in Portland, Oregon, the U.S., a lifestyle magazine KINFOLK has achieved many fans all over the world with its main interest on beautiful landscapes of living and dining, and time for gathering of people who you love. Diesel Art Gallery presents the first photo exhibition of KINFOLK featuring two photographers, Carissa Gallo and Laura Dart, who have been with Kinfolk right from the very start.

ーMessage from KINFOLKー
KINFOLK Magazine is a quarterly print publication based in Portland, Oregon. The magazine is about inspiring creative individuals to discover things to cook, make and do. We feature many photo series, recipes, essays and lists on the subjects of food, community, family, friends, traditions and understanding the world around us. Nathan and Katie Williams are the couple who started KINFOLK, which has now grown to a small team of around 12 people. To create our magazine, we call on over 50 different contributors every issue to take photographs, write essays, style photo shoots, bake cakes and much more. KINFOLK could not happen every 3 months without the support of these contributors, and the support of our readers. The show’s title, “KINFOLK: The Shared Table”, represents our attitude towards collaborating with photographers, writers, stylists, chefs and many more people from around the world. We hope that reading an issue of KINFOLK feels like sitting down at our dinner table and sharing this experience with others internationally. The show’s two featured photographers, Carissa Gallo and Laura Dart, have been with KINFOLK right from the very start. They are still very important parts of KINFOLK and are some of our closest friends.

KINFOLK magazine and other exhibition souvenirs will be available to purchase during the show at Diesel Art Gallery.




    Kinfolk is a growing community of artists with a shared interest in small gatherings. We recognize that there is something about a table shared by friends, not just a wedding or once-a-year holiday extravaganza, that anchors our relationships and energizes us.
    We have come together to create Kinfolk as our collaborative way of advocating the natural approach to entertaining that we love.
    Every element of Kinfolk the features , photography, and general aesthetics are consistent with the way we feel entertaining should be: simple, uncomplicated, and less contrived. Kinfolk is the marriage of our appreciation for art and design and our love for spending time with family and friends.
  • Carissa Gallo


    Carissa Gallo is a photographer from Portland, Oregon. Her fascination with the ocean, wrinkles, and normal days inspire her to use a camera daily. She and her husband, Andrew, own a company called Sea Chant in which they partner with like minded brands and companies to tell their stories- creatively and visually. Beyond these pursuits, you might find Carissa with Andrew and their two kids taking walks, driving to the coast, or reading books.
  • Laura Dart


    Even before she was a photographer, she was a traveler. From roadtrips across states, to backpacking Europe, to sailing in Greece, this was how and when Laura feels the most herself. To her, the most beautiful things are when the senses are engaged; sights, sounds, and tastes that draw you in at every new destination. It is this same sense of wonder that led Laura to the field of photography. Traveling with a camera heightens the experiences and allows her to connect with people and places in a more intimate way. The inspiring souls she meets on this journey, fuel her desire to create.


Photo:Carissa Gallo

Photo:Carissa Gallo

Photo:Carissa Gallo

Photo:Laura Dart

Photo:Laura Dart

Photo:Laura Dart

Photo:Laura Dart

KINFOLK: The Shared Table
Carissa Gallo & Laura Dart
May 30, 2014 – Aug 15, 2014
cocoti B1F, 1-23-16, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
11:30 - 21:00
Non-Regular Holiday
Miho Kinomura (STUDIO D.O.G.INC)
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SunM Color Co.,Ltd
Miho Kinomura (STUDIO D.O.G.INC)
Miho Kinomura is a curator and total produce of the exhibition. Based in Los Angeles, she has produced many high fashion advertisings around the world. As a creative director and film director at STUDIO D.O.G.INC, She has also organized the collaborative exhibition with 2008 &「Reality & Fantasy」2013 . and she start new life style workshop www.dog-workshop.com . Workshop organized in LA and Tokyo.


Photo: Kenichi Mui

Photo: Kenichi Mui

Photo: Kenichi Mui

Photo: Kenichi Mui

Photo: Kenichi Mui

Photo: Kenichi Mui

Photo: Kenichi Mui


KINFOLK / Katie Williams
Special Interview

Photo: Kenichi Mui

--What motivated you to take up ‘KINFOLK’?
KINFOLK began as a collaborative side project with a group of friends. We found that there wasn’t anything on the newsstand that appealed to our personal interests and when we began to share and invite people to be a part of the first issue they were excited to be onboard. Everyone resonated with what we had in mind and gave so graciously of their talents and time.

--Please tell us what the ‘KINFOLK’ means.
KINFOLK means family and eludes to a spirit of inclusion and community. We chose it because at the roots of our philosophy is people and those we hold dear- those around us who we share life with.

--How do you pick the theme for each issue such as ‘The Aged’ and ‘The Home’?
Built in to our editorial cycle early on is a meeting with our team about concepts and themes that we’d like to explore more. We put together a list, and have subsequent meetings (with less and less of the team each round) until it is narrowed down to the direction we will pursue. Our team is of the demographic that would be KINFOLK readers even if they weren’t involved, and this is so helpful in brainstorm ideas that our readers would connect with.

--Do you find the locations, people and who to collaborate with, from chefs to artists for each issue, in your everyday network? Or do you find people every time?
We share a theme guide with our contributor pool and those interested in being involved. This outlines the next topic and gives examples of story ideas (for photographers and writers) and has a style guide incorporated. People then pitch or are assigned stories that fit into our direction. A lot of the places and people we feature are connected with our team in some way or are suggested by a contributor.

--How do you feel about the meaning of proposing a lifestyle?
Our underlying purpose is to, first, explore the social elements of gatherings―the relationships, people, and traditions. Second, we hope to encourage a more intentional, and no-fuss approach to recreation (things to cook, make, and do) and entertaining. And third, we want to showcase and encourage community. The idea of fortifying and strengthening our communities through building our relationships is what literally creates the content as well as is a main underlying message we are lobbying.

--KINFOLK gave influences to many readers and now more people want to enjoy ‘gathering’. Would you share the tips on how to make tables like ones we see on your magazine?
We feel that getting together frequently allows us to reenergize and connect, to build and strengthen our bonds. Gatherings shouldn’t be fancy and big to-dos. They can be as simple as meeting for a quick cup of coffee in the morning with a friend that you haven’t seen in awhile to let them know you’re thinking about them; it is a way to extend ourselves to others and enrich those around us (as well as ourselves).

--How do you feel about ‘KINFOLK’ being accepted by many people in Japan?
The amount of support and the reaction that KINFOLK has received was unexpected and is so inspiring. We feed off of the short notes of encouragement and the growing number of individuals who reach out to help and be involved in any capacity. The general mood of our readership is that of gratitude and helpfulness. What a perfect group of people to be associated with and to exist for!

--Please tell us about the exhibition of KINFOLK: The Shared Table featuring Carissa Gallo and Laura Dart.
Carissa and Laura have been contributors since our early days and are now great friends. We find them both to be inspiring and passionate artists. They seem to capture the moment around them so naturally and in a way that represents the philosophies we embrace. We have made so many incredible friends in this endeavor and couldn’t be more excited to have their work featured in the show.

--This is the first photograph exhibition for KINFOLK. What was the reason you chose Japan and Diesel Art Gallery for your first show..
The magazine resonates on a deep level with our Japanese readers. We value our friendships and relationships with those we’ve connected with in Japan and consider it an honor to be collaborating with great brands and associates on this exhibit.

--What would be the highlights of the show and how would you like the audiences to feel?
The Diesel Art Gallery provides an inviting atmosphere for our show. We have a family style table set in the center, surrounded by Laura’s and Carissa’s images. We hope that visitors feel like they are coming into a friend’s home to have a night to connect and make special memories.

--What does Portland actually look like, and what kind of inspiration do you receive from your location?.
Portland has been a great place for us to be in our formative years. The people are genuinely friendly and intuitively value community. We are constantly inspired by the works and talents that are in the city. The city has a lot of greenery: trees, plants, grass (largely due to the high amounts of rain we receive!). Something we love about the area is that it does not take you long to get out of the city to the mountains or the coast. If we need a little getaway, it is very easy to just hop in the car and go for a drive.

--Please tell us the hottest things in Portland right now.
Compared to other cities, Portland has a very easy-going vibe. The people notice and appreciate simple things that elsewhere may go unnoticed. You can see this by the eclectic shops, clothing, and food that dot the streets. I don’t know what it is about it that makes it the way it is, but I like to think that it has something to do with how refreshingly beautiful it is here. We are constantly hanging our heads back to admire the grandeur and height of the green giants that inhabit the city, and often stop on walks to take off our shoes to tiptoe through the soft, vibrant grass. The beauty seems so tangible that it’s almost like you can breath it into your lungs.
Portland has an amazing food scene. Prices to eat out are incredibly reasonable compared to New York or San Francisco, and the quality is great! You don’t have to go far to enjoy a great dish. The cuisine also varies, so you can find anything you’re in the mood for! Portland is also really great at offering choices for people with eating preferences (vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free).

--What is the most important things in your everyday life?
We stay quite busy and are always looking for ways to stay balanced. In the meantime, we do little things here and there to take breaks and recharge. We’ve installed a tea station in both our home and studio to encourage us to take little tea breaks during the day. We look for opportunities to make our work more hands-on, like field trips and creativity-focused activities that enhance our operations.

--How do you spend time on your day off?
Honestly a lot the time, we enjoy spending our downtime at home! We are at the office quite a bit and it is nice to be around our house, seeing to chores and relaxing.

--Please tell us artists or a person you’ve been influenced by.
We are influenced most not by one person, but by others who are also pursuing their dreams and are seeing them come to life. It is no easy task running a small business and getting it off the ground and sustaining it. We look to these examples and the passion that they give to their work.

--Do you have any upcoming projects?
We recently announced a new business model that we are pursuing. We now have a collective brand called Ouur that is the umbrella over our different focus areas: publishing, goods, community. We will continue to create and publish excellent books and magazines, design and provide homewares, clothing and lifestyle products, and offer community building activities such as dinners and workshops.

--Please send a message to a visitor who is going to see the show.
We are overwhelmed by the reception that the show has already received and want to say: Thank you! We are touched by those who have been such loyal supporters from the beginning and are interested in helping and are a constant encouragement to our work.