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MEGUMI MATSUBARA with assistant



“BOOJUM” is a mechanism that creates a Balance in nonsense.
The system consists of 10 machines whose names all begin with the letter B: Broke, Backwards, Bridge, Brooklyn, Blind, Blemish, Bounce, Biscuit, Beijing, Because. The Blemish is the only machine whose presence is not shown in any form. The machines are all black in colour and completely motionless until the Blind opens its eye to see sunrise between the Brooklyn and the Bridge. When the Biscuit pours the Backwards out a cup of tea, the Bounce screams to call the Beijing to join the table. The Broke always sits in silence when the Because passes by searching for the slit.

*BOOJUM is a word taken from Lewis Carroll’s poem “The Hunting of The Snark”.

Exhibition Information

Artist: Megumi Matsubara with assistant
Date: 2008.8.30 (Sat) – 2009.2.8 (Sun)
Curator:Masaaki Takahashi / BRIZHEAD

Masaaki Takahashi / BRIZHEAD (Curator)
Masaaki Takahashi is an independent writer and editor specializing in design, architecture, art, and culture. He is a regular contributor to AD:Architectural Design, Interior Design, FRAME and Mark magazines. His work also appears in other international publications such as Interior Design, Blueprint, Design Report, IdN, MONITOR, CUBES, Pen etc. Studied oil painting in Berlin before he enrolled in a course in environmental design at London Metropolitan University. Gained degree at the Fashion Institute of Technology at The State University of New York, at the same time he took courses at New York University. He established his own editorial production company, Brizhead, in 1996. Authored: Japan The New Mix: Interiors, Architecture and More, World Hyper Interiors, Design City Tokyo, etc.

Installation Images

Photo:Martin Holtkamp

Photo:Martin Holtkamp

Photo:Martin Holtkamp

Photo:Martin Holtkamp

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  • Megumi Matsubara

    Born in 1977.
    Resides and works in Tokyo, Japan. Megumi Matsubara is known as a founder of assistant - international & interdisciplinary design practice.
    Assistant was established in 2002 together with Hiroi Ariyama and Motohiro Sunouchi, to explore an experimental approach to evolve their free and liberated creative philosophy. She studied architecture at The University of Tokyo and later as a master student at The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London under Peter Cook. The previous spatial work has been shown at London Design Week 2006, Milan Furniture Fair 2007, DesignTide in Tokyo 2007.. The installations and other art projects have been exhibited previously at galleries and museums such as Galerie des Galeries, Galeries Lafayette (Paris), Mori Art Museum (Tokyo), Tokyo Wonder Site (Tokyo), Akiyoshidai International Art Village (Yamaguchi), Sendai Mediatheque (Sendai), CommandN (Tokyo).

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Photo:Carlo Draisci

Photo:Sebastian Mayer

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